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Audio Repair & Modifications

19 Jamaica Street, Bristol, CT 06010

Audio Electronics Repair

Ampeg, Fender, Marshall, Gibson, Hiwatt, Orange amplifier repairs are performed daily, plus many other amplifier makers!

Amplifier Modifications

Bell Audio Lab can perform the smallest, simplest modification to your amplifier, or extensive and massive modifications to your tube or solid state gear.

Authorized Warranty Center For: Mesa Boogie, Marshall Amps, Orange Amps, Kustom, Crate Amps and Crate Audio, Ampeg, Mackie, Randall, and Hammond USA.

Authorized Dealer For: Mercury Magnetics, Mojo Tone, JJ Tubes, Jensen Speakers, Mesa Boogie Tubes, and more...


Some examples of the work that is on our technician's workbench.


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19 Jamaica Street,
Bristol, CT 06010